Full set of Chakras | Wall Decal

  • £53.00

The size chosen is for each decal. All come separately for you to layout on your walls however you like. They come in the following colours:

Sahasrara - Lilac
Ajna - Violet
Vishuddha - Sky Blue
Anahata - Apple Green
Manipura - Yellow
Svadhishthana - Orange
Muladhara - Cherry Red

• 25 Gorgeous matte colours to choose from.
• FREE Application squeegee and application instructions included.
• Easily applied and removed.
• Strong secure packaging.
• Made to order.
• Suitable for walls, glass, mirrors, tiled areas, smooth plastics and metals.
• Cannot be reapplied once removed.
• Custom orders accepted.

Please remember that every screen displays colours differently.

Our images show the design itself and will be sent in the dimensions and colour(s) chosen.

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