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Full set of chakras | Wall decal

Full set of chakras | Wall decal

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Full set of chakras | Wall decal

The size chosen is for each decal. All come separately for you to layout on your walls however you like. They come in the following colours:

Sahasrara - Lilac
Ajna - Violet
Vishuddha - Sky Blue
Anahata - Apple Green
Manipura - Yellow
Svadhishthana - Orange
Muladhara - Cherry Red

All of our ready to go decals come on a single sheet for easy installation, we don't send these out on separate sheets for you to try and line up (which is fiddly!)

Each decal is die cut from a single sheet of vinyl so there are no white borders or transparent outer edges on any of our designs.

We offer all our decals in 25 gorgeous matte colour options.

We provide a FREE application tool/squeegee and application instructions are included.

Our decals are easily applied and removed.

We ship all our decals in strong secure packaging.

Our vinyl is suitable for smooth dry and clean walls, glass, mirrors, tiled areas, smooth plastics and metals.

They cannot be reapplied once removed.

Please remember that all screens and monitors display colours differently (depending on your settings)

Our images show the design itself and will be sent in the dimensions and colour(s) chosen.

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