6ft Height Chart

6ft Height Chart - Wall Art - Adnil Creations

This vinyl wall decal is a great addition to the interior styling of any nursery or child's bedroom. Now you can track the growth of your little ones and record the entire family. 

We'd always advise to use a tape measure and spirit level to ensure accuracy when installing our height charts. 

Measures 6ft high and is 11inches wide.

6ft Height Chart - Wall Decal

• 25 Gorgeous matte colours to choose from.
• FREE Application squeegee and application instructions included.
• Easily applied and removed.
• Strong secure packaging.
• Made to order.
• Suitable for walls, glass, mirrors, tiled areas, smooth plastics and metals.
• Cannot be reapplied once removed.
• Custom orders accepted.

Please remember that every screen displays colours differently.

Our images show the design itself and will be sent in the dimensions and colour(s) chosen.

All posted in strong secure packaging with application instructions included.