The truth about interior design......-Adnil Creations

The truth about interior design......

So, I wanted to make a bold statement about interior design which might cause some discomfort.......

It's all subjective.

The styles I love, you might not. The things that are "on trend" might just not be to your taste. And that's OK, ya know! The whole point of decorating and creating a home, is to make it your own. To put your own stamp on it. To create a space that YOU feel comfortable in. And that's just fine by me. 

There are so many interior design blogs and magazines that tell you what you should have in your home in 2017. Which is wonderful as inspiration, but what about next year, when they tell you that green is out and pink is in?

Our home, for example, has a teal hallway, a purple living room and a red bedroom. But apparently those colours aren't trendy now. I don't care! Nobody but us sees our bedroom. So what if my furniture doesn't match? So what if our pictures on the walls are outdated? They're ours. We chose them together and that means something. We've created a life and a home together and it's all ours. 

So don't be swayed to change your home every season, love your space, love the people in your space, and don't feel bad about having an old couch, your cat will still love it!




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