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Do personalised mugs make the perfect gift?

Everyone has a favourite mug...right? The one that you'll wash up separately, rather than waiting for it to be clean. I personally don't know anyone that doesn't...and believe me I've been around 'mugs' for a while...(take that as you will!!)

Who opens their cupboards in the morning, to grab a mug to start their day with their favourite, steaming hot cup of magic? I do...I do!!!!
Your body is awake because you are standing in front of the mug cupboard, but brain is still somewhat confused as to how you got there. You open the cupboard and amidst the beautiful matching sets of soft, pastels or floral search for it, and there it is...the odd mug out...the insulting mug, the mug that says something wonderful, the mug that instantly reminds you of a loved one... And you sleepily smile, hugging that warm mug with your magic potion, and suddenly that instant tea is instantly filled with happiness and your day has started with a smile.

Did you know that here in the UK, us caffeine loving, cuppa tea sipping, biscuit dunking, coffee shop nattering Brits actually drink 100 million cups of tea in one day, and for those of us that are coffee nuts, it's around 70 million cups of joe!

So whether your recipient is a loose leaf lover, a chamomile meditator, a teabag squisher or an Earl Grey - hot kinda person, there's a design to suit everyone.

Here's the big question, which mug should you choose? I think the first consideration is "Will this mug go on any adventures?"

Here at Adnil we have designed both ceramic mugs and enamel mugs exactly for this reason. The ceramic ones are perfect for every day home use and are microwave and dishwasher safe (although to preserve the longevity of the print, we would recommend hand washing). Our enamel mugs are perfect for camping, fishing, hiking or anywhere outdoorsy that someone might fancy a hot cuppa, you might not be with them in person, but you will be watching that sunrise with them (don't put these ones in the microwave though, that'd be silly!)

Once that's decided, what sort of design should you choose? Consider their lifestyle, do they have a particular hobby or interest? My uncle is an avid lake fisherman, so for his birthday this year, I designed and sent him a "grotty fishing mug" 

My thoughts were "this mug is gonna get grubby and covered in all manner of yukky, might as well make it look grotty to start with!" He called me later on that day and said "I wasn't going fishing today, but when I opened your present I got all my gear and went straight to the lake. I had a lovely day and felt like you were with me". I can't even begin to describe how much that warmed my heart! 

Don't get me wrong, I have mugs in my cupboard that have to remain hidden when you have certain visitors round. The cheekily offensive ones that "the mother in law" might swoon at, but "the father in law" laughs raucously at. That makes them even more memorable and fun.

For me personally, a personalised mug, chosen specifically, is a reminder that someone has taken the time to create a special memory just for you. And to me that is truly wonderful.

Get creative and have some fun. Make someone laugh, smile or shed a happy tear.

Get in touch and let us help make someone's day!



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