How to apply your Adnil decal

Vinyl decal installation guide


Your vinyl graphic will have 3 components:

Transfer tape - Looks and feels like masking tape, this is placed over the top of the cut vinyl in the workshop.

Vinyl - The coloured part that is precision cut and applied to the wall/surface.

Backing paper - Thick white paper that holds the cut vinyl in shape.


Some tools you may need:

Spirit level

Masking tape

Squeegee/Credit card or similar to rub the design onto the surface (included in with your order)


Step One: Preparing your design

Dry wipe down your wall or surface – Use an old clean t-shirt or a lint-free cloth.

Unroll your design if we have sent it to you rolled. You may want to lay it flat somewhere warm until it no longer curls.

On a flat surface and with a smooth, firm action, use the included squeegee to rub over the back of the entire design. This re-activates the adhesive after shipping and will eliminate any air bubbles that may have occurred during transit.


Step Two: Position & tape design

Decide where you want to apply your design and use a spirit level and masking tape to hold it in place while you work out the exact positioning.

Use the tried and tested hinge method: Once your design is in the perfect position, put masking tape along the top edge. (You may need a couple of strips to stop the decal from slipping) The masking tape will act like a hinge when you flip up your decal. If you have a large decal we recommend the “centre hinge method” where you apply a strip of tape vertically down the middle of the decal and work from the one side then the other – YouTube has some great application videos.


Step Three: Remove the backing paper

Flip the design up (or gently hold it back from the side if using the centre hinge method) Carefully peel the backing paper from the transfer tape. If using the centre hinge method, you will need to peel the backing paper back and then cut off any excess before laying it against the wall. Avoid touching the actual vinyl itself. (The vinyl should stay on the transfer tape, with the backing paper left bare.) If you're having trouble with the decal not adhering to the application tape, repeat step one, by rubbing over the design again.

Gently, lay the application tape and decal back into position on the surface.


Step Four: Applying your design

Starting from the centre and working outwards, firmly rub the entire design with the flat part of your squeegee.


Step Five: Remove transfer tape

Slowly peel the transfer tape away from the applied surface, leaving the vinyl behind. We recommend doing this by pulling the application tape from one corner and as close to the wall as possible at a low angle.


Step Six: Enjoy the fruits of your labour

Put the kettle on, enjoy a cuppa and show off your new design to everyone!


If you have any questions or queries please email us: There are a lot of youtube videos which show all the instructions in step by step detail which we can send you links for, or you can search for “Wall decal installation” “Centre hinge decal installation” or “Top hinge decal installation”.


Many thanks for your purchase

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